Le mardi 3 mars

Two important notices. Perhaps you may have already noticed or heard on the radio the problems the school board is having with SAS. I have not been able to access SAS since Thursday and so I cannot update marks. Please be patient with me and pray for some patience on my end with SAS. Secondly, we are taking the students to a magician/illusionist tomorrow morning (we’ll be back for lunch) who has a program put together specifically for middle school students. A huge thanks to our chapter of Canadian Parents for French for putting this together. Here’s our day today!

Les maths 7D & 7C – We reviewed our radius and diameter formulas and understanding. The students are feeling pretty good for their quiz on Thursday, March 5. We started into circumference and applying a formula there. The google classroom was updated yesterday.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We reviewed our notes on social norms and then did some work around the visual project. We reviewed the text information and added notes to page 8 of the student booklet. We also watched a little video-clip of a computerised model of ancient Corinth. We identified the numerous elements of the city-states that we’ve studied so far and other items we may have noticed. Some great observations were made.

Les sciences 7D – The students reviewed the ecological niche questions for the polar bear and they used these questions to research the ecological niche for their chosen animal.

Le français 7E – We practiced  our preferred activities and shared our answers with a friend. We worked on answering the question for the third person singular and started into the reasons for our particular preferred activities.

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