Le mardi 10 mars

Here’s how the day went.

Le français 7E – We continued our intro activity of asking and answering questions. We moved onto a partner activity we started last class where we would provide explanation for our preferred activities. We started into a similar activity but we applied the proper phrasing for the negation.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We reviewed and practice some more with radius, diameter and circumference. The 7C wrote a quiz today on radius and diameter that should be handed back tomorrow. We also scheduled another short quiz for circumference on Thursday, March 12. Google classroom has been updated.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We had our last class before the visual assignment is due – due date is Thursday, March 12. We reviewed our notes for the social and economic roles and moved onto the government structure.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We worked on some further questions from our review question page. We revisited the visual project assignment and discussed the important elements needed. The students were given some time to start a rough draft and we ended the class discussing the idea of citizenship in Ancient Athens. No due date has been assigned for the visual project but one will be given tomorrow. We will use some of the class to work on the assignment tomorrow. The presentation used to guide our notes and the assignment has been uploaded to the sciences humaines folder.

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