Le mercredi 11 mars

Here’s our day today!

Les sciences humaines 7D – We reviewed our question sheet for social norms in Athens and Sparta. I then gave the students some time to work on their visual project. We assigned Thursday, March 26 as our due date for the assignment. Today was the last class we will use to work on the project. We moved onto economic roles in the Ancient Athens.

Les sciences 7D – The students were given some time to finish their ecological niche assignment. They were given Friday, March 13 as their due date. We then presented a lab the students will complete tomorrow on natural selection.

Les maths 7C & 7D – The students worked on some review work and corrected some class work in preparation for tomorrow’s quiz on Circumference. The students used their understanding of the formulas for diameter, radius and circumference to solve some word problems. I have posted the google classroom homework and I will be taking in the duotangs during tomorrow’s class.

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