Le lundi 6 avril

Good day everyone! Here we go with some schooling at home. I’m pumped, so I hope you are too. This week is called ‘settling in’. In the off chance there are some kinks that need to be worked out, I will not be introducing new material, as much as it pains me. I have some cool video lessons ready to go, so get excited. First, a few housekeeping items. 

Login Name & Passwords – Some students do not have a copy or have forgotten their login name and password. Do not worry. I have been given permission to get into the school and my classroom on Tuesday (April 7). So, I will be sending out that information to those in need Tuesday morning.  

This week’s schedule – Like I said above, this week is really about settling in and getting comfortable with the format for our schooling the next few weeks. Each day we will have math and language arts work to complete. The science and social studies will alternate day to day. We will use this week to review our material before the March Break. To ease ourselves into the format, we will be working with material we’ve previously covered. 

Les maths – The goal is to have 30 minutes of math to complete. I will try my best to follow that. Some days there may be more than 30 minutes and some days there might be less. 

Les sciences et les sciences humaines – The time allotted for these two classes is to be included in the 40 minutes set aside for Language Arts. My goal is to provide about 20 minutes of work each day. Again, it may end up being a little bit more or less than that.

 Monday’s Tasks

  1. Math – There is a review document structured around the material distributed by the school board. It does focus more on struggles I was noticing in the homework duotangs prior to the break. The assignment can be found in the google classroom. I will provide answers on Tuesday. 
    1. Codes for the google classrooms, just in case
      1. Les maths 7D – 6erpju6
      2. Les maths 7C – ry3hyf6
  2. Les sciences humaines – I’ve created another review question sheet for the Ancient Greece unit. The sheet includes more geography questions and some familiar questions. The assignment can be found in the google classroom. My 7D crew, you have yet to join the google classroom – codes are below.
    1. Codes for the google classrooms, just in case
      1. Les sciences humaines 7D – bflysbi
      2. Les sciences humaines 7A – b7vx345

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