Le mercredi 8 avril

Good morning everyone! It seems things we’re operating more smoothly yesterday compared to Monday. Work is getting done and being shared with me, and everyone should have their login info. Here’s a little overview for today’s classes.

Les maths 7C & 7D – You will find three items in the google classroom. The first item is a presentation with answers for yesterday’s Évaluation 2. Go through the presentation and compare your answers with mine. There are two assignments attached today. Évaluation 3 has only one activity, a multiplication table to be filled in. I separated this document so that everyone can complete the work in the actual document. When you open it, you will receive your own copy and you can complete the table. Évaluation 4 operates very much like Évaluation 1 and 2, complete the work on loose leaf and we will share answers tomorrow.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7D – There are two items for today. The first is a video of my desktop with the questions and answers for the page ‘Ma page de révision – la Grèce antique’. You may not see it right away, my computer is testing my patience by taking a lot of time to upload it. So please bare with me. The second item is an assignment in a presentation format. It addresses social norms in regards to the family. It asks for 8 things we know about the family in the picture according to what we studied in class. Complete your work in the actual document.

Again if there are any problems, drop me a line. Bonne journée !

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