Le vendredi 17 avril

Good morning! My apologizes as I’ve neglected my blog all week; my google classrooms were my main focus this week. I’ve tried incorporating more video lessons in the hope they provide some extra support and made better efforts when organising the daily activities. Here are a couple of items from today’s activities.

Google Form for Math – I’ve made a formative quiz for math to assess everyone’s understanding of circles and parallelograms from this week’s lessons. Everyone needs to get this done today so I can use the weekend to give us some direction for next week. It’s the first time I’ve done a google form but it should work, fingers crossed and prays said. The students can find the link in their school email account.

Teacher Evaluation – Starting with 7D, I’ve made an evaluation for the students to use for me and my work. I want to know what works, what doesn’t and what I should start. It’s called a ‘Stop, Start, Continue’. Take the weekend to think about it and fill it in. Other classes will get the same opportunity next week.

Oral Practice – My Science and Social Studies videos are structured in a way for students to hear and practice their French. My hope is that students understand the instruction in them to re-lesson to each video clip at least twice to use the opportunity to practice their French. Don’t lose what you’ve gained throughout the school year!!!

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