Le mardi 21 avril

Bonjour ! A few notes for today’s lessons.

Les maths 7C & 7D – I’ve uploaded my answers for yesterday’s work and a shorter review presentation for calculating area of triangles. I’ve uploaded some more questions to assess student understanding of area of triangles. There is one scenario question that will require some problem solving, therefore some extra time will be needed. Students will need to complete the work on loose leaf.

Les sciences 7D – A new mini lesson have been uploaded on Evolution. There’s a bit of new information but there are some good examples there in hopes of helping comprehension. I included a video, along with some instructions as the video is quite quick but it’s a great resource. Along with the presentation, there is a question sheet with 3 questions to be answered. Students can answer directly in the document.

A student evaluation of M. Beaton has been uploaded for my 7C crew to complete. I made an error earlier this morning when I uploaded the google doc but I have since repaired that. Merci Eleena et Dru pour le message !

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