Le mercredi 24 avril

Bonjour, bonjour. Here’s the scoop on today.

Les sciences humaines 7A, 7B & 7C – We were very fortunate to welcome Mrs. Janet Scott to the classroom today. She lived in Greece for 23 years and returned to Canada in 2012. She spoke to present-day Greece in comparison with Ancient Greece. The students were surprised to learn some of the same traditions continue and the violent history that has impacted the country.

Les maths 7C – We took the time to review formulas for area and address any questions from the practice test. Our test is scheduled for Friday, April 26. We started into a small unit on multiplying decimal numbers. We worked through a presentation that I have uploaded to the maths folder and completed a handout with some basic multiplications. Math homework has been uploaded to the google classroom.  

FLA 7C – We worked through a sample email again and worked through the purpose of the conditional tense. The students finished up their rough draft of their email and we will use tomorrow to correct our errors. I have uploaded the sample for the students to practice reading at home.

Le mardi 23 avril

One general reminder for everyone. Tomorrow is the deadline for the permission forms for the Canadian Space Agency presentation and chat with the ISS. The presentation is taking place Friday. Due to some more presentations and some PD this week, I have decided to cancel the SS test for 7B and 7C. The schedule will not give the class a chance to fit it in anytime soon and we are too far into Ancient Rome to go back.

Les maths – We worked on a practice test for the circles and area unit today. There was some tough questions and some students needed some reminders for the strategies to be used. I have uploaded the test for students to practice at home. We scheduled our unit test for this Friday, April 26. I have also updated the homework onto the google classroom website.

FLA 7C – We went through two listening activities and the students were really comfortable with the French and were very successful with the adjoining activities. We are now working on writing an email providing suggestions to resolve sources of stress. We started our rough draft today and will continue tomorrow.

Les sciences humaines 7B – I handed back the essays from the Ancient Greece unit. Some students did not receive their assessed copy as some extra time was needed to repair the essay. We worked on economic activities of Ancient Rome applying its geographic features. The last part of the class was an opportunity to do some student assessment of an essay to help the students understand how the rubric worked for their own essay.

Le jeudi 18 avril

Good day folks! Here’s the latest from Mr. Beaton’s room.

Les sciences humaines 7B & 7A – We reviewed our geography lessons on Italy and Rome. We then moved on to economic activities based on the geography of Rome. I have a test planned for the 7Bs and 7Cs, but I continually need to reschedule it due to a change of date for our class guest and a PD session next week. I will make an announcement Tuesday once I can confirm a day.

FLA 7C – We presented solutions for each other’s sources of stress. We then participated in a listening activity of student recordings discussing stress and their strategies for dealing with stress.

Les mathématiques 7C – The students spent the class working on their good copy of the visual assignment. Most were unable to finish the assignment so they have the weekend to complete it. I have uploaded the outline and rubric in the maths folder.


Le mercredi 17 avril

Bonjour! Just a reminder that permission forms for the Canadian Space Agency presentation are due tomorrow. Most of the forms have been handed in but I’m still looking for a few. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – We completed the analysis of Rome’s geographical features and how they may be advantageous to the city. From that we developed a list of possible economic activities to found in the city.

FLA 7C – Using sources of stress we came together into groups to identify possible strategies to resolve us of some of this stress.

Les mathématiques 7C – We completed an in-class project on the area of parallelograms, triangles and circles. We then spent some more time on the visual assignment. We will spend tomorrow’s class working on that assignment.

Le mardi 16 avril

Here’s the story from today.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – We worked some more with google earth and explored the city of Rome and the Italian geography. We used these visuals to examine the advantages of the city of Rome and the country of Italy itself. I have uploaded the new student booklet for this new unit.

FLA 7C – We organized our mini-paragraphs for our sources of stress’ we will use them tomorrow. We then started developing strategies for aiding others with their stress.

Les maths 7C – We completed our work with the textbook for area of circles. We will have an in-class assignment tomorrow for area of parallelograms, triangles and circles. We started a rough draft in class for a visual project. I have uploaded the document here in the math folder (and the google classroom just in case). The students are to have their rough draft finished for tomorrow so as to work on the good copy in class. I have also uploaded the reach back homework in the google classroom.

Le lundi 15 avril

A few items to add to the calendar. We will have a very special presentation and opportunity to speak with astronauts, specifically Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, on the International Space Station on April 26, 2019. The Canadian Space Agency will be setting things up for the students here at the school to see and speak with the ISS and do require a media release form filled out specifically for this event. The form was handed out today and needs to be signed and returned by this Thursday. It’s an exciting thing to have here at Stonepark and the students seemed really excited by the news today.

Les sciences humaines 7B & C – We will have a test next week on the Ancient Greece unit. A date will be determined tomorrow. We started into the next unit on the Roman Empire. We began by exploring the Italian geography and the advantages a city such as Rome would have.

Les maths 7C – We reviewed the strategy for finding area of a circle and applied the strategy to some questions in the textbook. There is no homework from the book but I did attached today’s homework to the google classroom.

FLA 7C – We explored the question of why we have stress. We examined a few examples of sources of stress and explanations as to why they give us stress. Using those examples, the students developed their own scenario that will be used tomorrow for developing responses to assist each other with our sources of stress.

Le jeudi 11 avril

School social tonight! It starts at 7pm and runs to 9pm and there is a 5 dollar entrance fee. The theme is 80s neon and there’s music, games, snacks and much more. Here’s today’s story.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – We used today’s class as the last day to type our essay. Some students still need more time to complete their typing and editing. I will be printing the essays tomorrow afternoon for my assessment.

Les sciences humaines 7B –  The 7Bs are a little further ahead so we started the third unit on the Roman Empire.

Les maths 7C – We started into area of a circle and worked out how best to find the area.

FLA 7C – We started into a mini unit on stress and strategies for coping with stress.