Le mercredi 10 avril

Good day et bonjour!

Les maths 7C – We worked on some problem solving scenarios today to apply our strategies for finding circumference and area. Some of the students are struggling with problem solving and not making good use of our problem solving strategies. We will continue to work on this in anticipation of a test next week. I’m taking in the homework duotangs tomorrow!

FLA 7C – We worked with our Bescherelle for present tense verb conjugation along with applying negation. We then worked on two surveys as a means of initiating conversation with our classmates and using the negation that was practiced at the beginning of class.

Les sciences humaines – Today was our last class day to work on the essay. The due date is Friday. Though we do not have class that day, I instructed the class that I will be printing their copies from the google classroom that afternoon to begin my assessment.

Le mardi 9 avril

A few items for the general audience. The student leadership team is organising a social Thursday, April 11, 7pm to 9pm. It has an 80’s neon theme with multiple activities arranged for the students. The Green Team is collecting old cell phones and plastic bags for recycling. So if you have any phones lying around, damaged or in good condition, please send them in and the Green Team will handle its recycling. Here’s the scoop from today.

Les sciences humaines 7B & 7A – We were typing today and assigned the due date for this Friday, April 12. There is no school that day, but it gives students time to work at home to complete the essay.

FLA 7C – We recorded some voicemails to be evaluated. Some students are not too happy with their recording; being in earshot of classmates brought out some shyness. They have the opportunity to redo the recording at home if they wish to. They were assigned some homework applying the basic rule of negation for the present tense. They received a sheet with 10 simple questions seeking a response in the negative. I have uploaded the sheet in case it was forgotten at school.

Les maths 7C – We reviewed the strategies for finding area or circumference. It was a means of reminding ourselves to read the questions/information and to identify the question to answer. Some students have a bad habit of skipping the information and the true question being asked of them and guessing on what they are to do. We applied these reviewed strategies to some scenario problems that we will continue tomorrow.

Le lundi 8 avril

I was out today at some Math PD so I do not have much to report.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – The students spent today typing their essays.

Les maths 7C – We completed some textbook reviewing our understanding of radius, diameter, circumference and area of parallelograms and triangles.

FLA 7C – The students worked through the grammar workbook. Its a supplementary resource I am hoping to have complete for June. It is a great resource to be used as a tool in the summer to prepare the students for Grade 8.

Le vendredi 5 avril

Please remember Green Shirt Day on Monday!!!! Here’s today’s happenings.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – We completed our time for the first draft of the essay and are ready to tackle the good copy. The students are logged into the google classroom and some have started typing their good copy.

FLA 7C – We completed some peer editing and prepared ourselves for recording our voice mail using Screencastify.

Les maths 7C – We reviewed parallelograms and used them to help us understand how to find area of a triangle. We completed some text book work and I took in the homework duotangs. I’m hoping to have the circumference quiz scores in SAS this weekend.


Le jeudi 4 avril

Here’s the scoop from today.

Les sciences humaines 7C – We reviewed our structure for the essay and continued on our second and third body paragraphs. We have tomorrow’s class to complete the rough draft of our essay.

FLA 7C – We reviewed the sample messages from the oral comprehension activity and created our own voice mail to be used as a oral production assignment. We will peer-edit tomorrow and attempt to record our message.

Les maths – We wrote our circumference quiz today and we did a little work on finding diameter and radius when we have the circumference. Google classroom homework duotang is due tomorrow!

LEs sciences humaines 7B – All students worked with the chromebooks to type up their essay. We will use the next class, Tuesday, to complete the typing.


Le mercredi 3 avril

There were s few announcements shared with the class from our homeroom representatives. Monday, April 8 will be a green shirt day to honour Logan Bogan of the Humboldt Broncos. He was one of the many victims of the Humboldt bus crash and his family is using this occasion to honour his memory and to promote organ donation. On Thursday, April 11, there will be a student social with the theme of 80’s Neon. Finally, the Destination Imagination dream have organized a volunteer opportunity for students to share time with senior in the community. There is a sign-up sheet in the library for those interested and any questions can be directed to Mr. Pendergast or Mr. Beaton. Here’s today’s story.

Les sciences humaines 7A, 7B, & 7C – We continued our work on the essay. Some students have started into their good copy on the chromebooks while others need some more time with their rough draft. Due dates will be assigned tomorrow but we will be using the classes to complete the good copy.

Les maths 7C – We reviewed some area of parallelograms and word problems for finding circumference. The presentation I uploaded yesterday has the answers from the review sheet given to the students today. So, they need to complete the review sheet and check their work using that resource in the math folder. If the review sheet is forgotten, the powerpoint has the questions as well. We have our quiz tomorrow on circumference!

FLA 7C – We examined the scripts from the recordings used yesterday for the listening activity. The students will use these scripts to develop their own voice mail requesting permission to sign-up for a community centre activity. I have added these messages to the ‘message of the week’ powerpoint. The students need to practice reading the message aloud to practice their pronunciation.

Le mardi 2 avril

Here’s today’s happenings.

Les maths 7C – We completed some review work with circumference and then some textbook work for parallelograms. The students need to work on questions 2, 6 and 10 on pages 141-142 in their textbook for tomorrow. I have also uploaded a circumference presentation with review questions for the students to use for studying as we scheduled a quiz on circumference for Thursday. As well, the google classroom is updated with the reach back homework.

Les sciences humaines 7B – We continued with our essay comparing Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. We will be starting the good copy tomorrow.

FLA 7C – We presented our mini dialogues with invitations and phrasing for accepting and refusing an invitation. We then tried some oral comprehension using recordings of voice mails to answer some questions. We will be using these recordings as a guide for an oral production assignment.