Le lundi 7 octobre

Bonjour and good day. Here’s what we got up to today!

Le français 7E – We reviewed our question requesting a preference between two options. The students prepared a simple survey asking a similar question of their classmates. We will use the results in the next class.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We reviewed rotations and the direction of positive and negative rotations. We then moved onto some textbook work. For the students who failed to complete questions 3 and 4, they are to complete it for tomorrow’s class. The instructions are as follows:

  • 3. A et B
    • Écris les coordonnées pour les points D, E et F dans ton duotang.
    • Fais une rotation +270 degrés de l’original autour de point (0, 0). Etiquette les points D’, E’, F’. Écris les coordonnées dans ton duotang.
  • 4. A
    • Trace les points A, B, C sur le plan cartésien, étiquette les points. Fais une rotation 180 degrés de l’original autour du point d’origin. Etiquette les points A’, B’, C’. Écris les coordonnées dans ton duotang.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We reviewed Canadian geography and the government structure. We decided to schedule a little quiz based on our map activity on Thursday, October 11. We then started taking a closer into the Egyptian geography with some photo analysis. I also took in the amp assignment for those who chose to redo the assignment.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We reviewed the Canadian government. I then gave students some time to work on their Canadian map assignment. We set a final due date for Thursday, October 11. We then started looking into the map of Egypt and using Google earth to compare its geography to that of PEI.

Le vendredi 4 octobre

Bonjour and good day! The final results of the fundraiser were revealed today, and it was the 7D crew on top. There was a big cheer from my classroom this afternoon. Here’s our schedule today.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We finished our notes on page 7. We then moved onto the map assignment, after having labelled the provinces, territories and their capitals. We will use the next class to complete the assignment.

Les sciences humaines 7A – I handed back the map assignment to the students and discussed the rubric. The grades were quite low so some students took an extra copy of the assignment to redo to better represent their skill level. We moved onto the Ancient Egypt unit. We started into its geography.

Les maths 7D & 7C – We completed our work on rotations and students started into the review booklet. We will use Monday’s class to reaffirm our understanding of the Cartesian Plane and we will write the test on Wednesday.

Le jeudi 3 octobre

Good day and bonjour. Don’t forget photo orders are due tomorrow! They can be handed into me or the front office. Also, you can order online if you’re computer savvy. Here’s today’s classes.

La science 7D – We went into the lab today for our first lab assignment measuring for mass. The students were organised and were able to make use of the scales quite well.

Le français 7E – We worked on our new questions in a partner activity. The students are getting quite comfortable with the vocabulary and the comprehension is getting quite strong. We moved onto identifying a preference and completed a few survey questions that modelled the next assignment.

Les maths 7D & 7C – We applied our rules for rotation we identified earlier in the week. We have a checklist available in the classroom and we worked through a sample question together. Things are looking good. I was unhappy with my schedule for the next few classes, so we moved our test for the chapter to Wednesday, October 9th. All the students have a review booklet to work on to study for the test (it can be found in the maths folder). Also, the google classroom has been updated and I will take in the homework tomorrow.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We reviewed geography and government. I handed out a geography assignment that needs to be labelled for tomorrow’s class. Unfortunately, I do not have a digital copy so I hope everyone has their copy. We worked on the remaining two questions on page 7 of our intro unit.

Le mercredi 2 octobre

One correction to be made to a previous announcement – school photo orders are due Friday, October 4 – as opposed to the deadline of today I had previously stated. Here’s today’s happenings.

La science 7D – We reviewed mass and worked through the workbook, pages 15, 16 and 17. We focused on the scale used for measuring mass with the intention of completing our first lab this week (page 18 in the workbook). We then worked on questions 1 and 3 on page 19. I put the quiz grades in SAS and will return the quizzes tomorrow.

Le français 7E – We worked with our new question, adding specific details to an original question requesting our favourite snacks. I have uploaded the presentation in the français folder for students to use for review at home.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We put our understanding of rotations to the test with some stations today. Things are looking good but we may need a little more practice the next two days. We will keep our test scheduled for Monday, October 7 on the Cartesian Plane.

Les sciences humaines 7A – I collected a Canadian map assignment that was handed out yesterday. I will evaluate the work and hand them back on Friday. We finished up the last page of our intro unit, page 7.

Le mardi premier octobre

I was out for a majority of the day with a Cross Country meet, so my notes are lacking.

Les maths 7C & 7D – The students completed a quiz on reflections. I should have those back to everyone and in SAS by Thursday. The students received a review booklet for the chapter. We decided to schedule a test on Monday for the Cartesian Plane, translations, reflections and rotations.

Le français 7E – We practiced our questions we’ve previously studied. We moved onto and practiced a new question.

Le lundi 30 septembre

Good day and bonjour. The school photos have all been distributed and I am accepting order forms for 7D. There is a deadline of Wednesday, October 2 for order forms – not much time – from Lifetouch. Also, we have reached the final day of recipe in a jar orders. If I counted correctly, my 7Ds have collected 368 jars as a class, far exceeding our goal of 250. Awesome work from everyone!! Here’s today’s classes.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We reviewed our Canadian geography and government notes and then used our geography notes (the advantages and disadvantages) to identify the ideal locations to settle in Canada. We need to complete one outcome for the intro unit examining the transition of nomadic societies to permanent settlements.

La science 7D – We wrote our first quiz today. Some students forgot to study for the quiz and complete the review page for homework. I should have them all marked and returned by Wednesday.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We reviewed and practiced drawing reflections on the Cartesian Plane. We have our quiz tomorrow so students need to study. There are resources in the maths folder that can be used for practice. They are tasks we completed in class, but the repetition helps. We then started into rotations and identifying the patterns between coordinates of translated designs. The students really picked up on the pattern and were feeling somewhat confident about the task.

Le vendredi 27 septembre

Good day and bonjour. I did not add a blog entry for Thursday due to there being no classes. We had a great spirit day largely led by student leaders from Grade 9. Our afternoon consisted of a prep rally and our Terry Fox walk. The grade 7s demonstrated an awesome school spirit. I did want to send out a few reminders for Monday.

Recipes in a Jar Fundraiser – Monday is the last day to submit orders. As of Thursday, our school total was over 1400 jars. It is important to note that that number is matched and donated to the local food bank. My 7Ds have reached 155 jars submitted as of Thursday and I know there are plenty more to come. We are currently second in the school but I know we will rocket to the top tomorrow.

La science 7D – We have our first quiz tomorrow on states of matter and changes of states. The students have a review sheet they need to complete and hand in tomorrow for assessment. If by chance they do not have the sheet, it can be found in the science folder.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We have our reflections quiz on Tuesday, October 1. There are resources available in the maths folder for students to use for studying. Also, most students have submitted their homework duotangs on Thursday. Those who did not will need to hand them in tomorrow.